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name: Ilire Agimi
thesis: New governance under limited statehood: The case of local government reform in Kosovo [download]
year: 2014
promotor(s): Luc Soete
name: Margaret Rugadya
thesis: Can Remittances Influence the Tenure and Quality of Housing? [download]
year: 2014
promotor(s): Chrs de Neubourg, Edward Kirura & James Mackie
name: Metka Hercog
thesis: Highly skilled migration and new destination countries: How government policies shape destination choices
year: 2014
promotor(s): Hildegard Schneider & Mindel van de Laar
name: Katherine Kuschminder
thesis: Female Return Migration and Reintegration in Ethiopia
year: 2014
promotor(s): Khalid Koser & Jean Pierre Cassarino
name: Biniam Bedasso
thesis: The Arc of InstitutionalInstitutional change in the long shadow of elites: essays on institutions, human capital and ethnicity in developing countries
year: 2013
promotor(s): Bart Verspagen, Fedderke & Kaj Thomsson
name: Kristine Farla
thesis: Empirical studies on institutions, policies and economic development [download]
year: 2013
promotor(s): Bart Verspagen & Denis de Crombrugghe
name: Martin Rehm
thesis: Unified yet separated: Empirical study on the impact of hierarchical positions within communities of learning [download]
year: 2013
promotor(s): Wim Gijselaers & Mien Segers
name: Sepideh Yousefzadeh
thesis: Childhoods embargoed: constructing and reconstructing multidimensional child poverty in Iran [download]
year: 2013
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg and Franziska Gassmann
name: Laura Torvinen
thesis: Assessing Governance Assessments; The Case of Mozambique Governance Assessments in the Context of Aid Effectiveness Discourse [download]
year: 2013
promotor(s): Adam Szirmai
name: Robert Bauchmüller
thesis: Investing in Early Childhood Care and Education: The Impact of Quality on Inequality [download]
year: 2013
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg
name: Dorcas Mbuvi
thesis: Utility reforms and performance of the Urban Water Sector in Africa [download]
year: 2012
promotor(s): Pierre Mohnen, Sergio Perelman and Klaas Schwartz
name: Esther Schuering
thesis: To condition or not - is that the question? An analysis of the effectiveness of ex-ante and ex-post conditionality in social cash transfer programs [download]
year: 2012
promotor(s): Thomas Dohmen & Franziska Gassmann
name: Zina Nimeh
thesis: Social citizenship rights: Inequality and exclusion [download]
year: 2012
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Gĝsta Esping-Andersen
name: Lina Salanauskaite
thesis: Essays on the Distributional Impact of Public Policies, Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Evaluation [download]
year: 2012
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg
name: Joe Abah
thesis: Strong Organisations in Weak States [download]
year: 2012
promotor(s): Friso den Hertog & Adele Jinadu
name: Aziz Atamanov
thesis: Rural nonfarm employment and international migration as alternatives to agricultural employment: The case of Kyrgyzstan [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Adam Szirmai & Marrit van den Berg
name: Jinjing Li
thesis: Dynamic Microsimulation for Public Policy Analysis
year: 2011
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Cathal O'Donoghue
name: Nyasha Tirivayi
thesis: The Welfare Effects of Integrating AIDS Treatment with Food Transfers: Evidence from Zambia [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Wim Groot.
name: Siu Hing Lo
thesis: White Collars Green Sleeves: An Interorganizational Comparison of Determinants of Energy-Related Behaviors among Office Workers [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): G.J. Kok & G.J. Peters
name: Sonila Tomini
thesis: Informal Payments for health care services in Albania [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Wim Groot & Milena Pavlova
name: Treena Wu
thesis: Human Capital Investment in Developing Countries: Using the Asian Financial Crisis in Indonesia as a Natural Experiment [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Lex Borghans
name: Henry Espinoza Pena
thesis: Impact Evaluation of a Job-Training Programme for Disadvantaged Youths - The Case of Projoven [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Hans Heijke, Chris de Neubourg & Denis de Crombrugghe
name: Emmanouil Sfakianakis
thesis: Private methods to evaluate public projects. Accounting and financial approaches to assess macroeconomic perspectives of public-private partnerships [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Bertrand Candelon, Jaap Bos and Mindel van de Laar
name: Lenka Eisenhamerová
thesis: Legitimacy of 'Humanitarian Military Intervention' [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Jan Hanousek
name: Frieda Vandeninden
thesis: Poverty Alleviation: Aid and Social Pensions
year: 2011
promotor(s): Izabela Jelovac, Chris de Neubourg & Pierre Pestieau
name: Agnieszka Sowa
thesis: Who's left behind? Social dimensions of health transition and utilization of medical care in Poland [download]
year: 2011
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Stanisława Golinowska
name: Florian Tomini
thesis: Between family and friends - Understanding the interdependency of private transfers [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Lex Borghans
name: Michal Polakowski
thesis: The institutional transformation of social policy in east Central Europe: Poland and Hungary in comparative and historical perspective [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg, Theodoros Papadopoulos
name: Melissa Siegel
thesis: Money and Mobility: Migration and Remittances [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg
name: Victor Cebotari
thesis: Conflicting Demands in Ethnically Diverse Societies: Ethnopolitical Contention and Identity Values in Europe [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Maarten Vink
name: Pascal Beckers
thesis: Local space and economic success - The role of spatial segregation of migrants in the Netherlands [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Boris Blumberg
name: Maha Ahmed
thesis: Defining, Measuring and Addressing Vulnerability - The Case of Post-Conflict Environments [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Franziska Gassmann
name: Jessica Sabine Hagen-Zanker
thesis: Modest expectations: Causes and effects of migration on migrant households in source countries [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg, Pawel Kaczmarczyk & Carlo Azzarri
name: Keetie Roelen
thesis: False Positives or Hidden Dimensions - The Definition and Measurement of Child Poverty [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Franziska Gassmann
name: Dennis Gyllensporre
thesis: Competing and Complementarity Perspectives on the EU as a Crisis Actor - Management Actor An Examination of the Common Security and Defence Policy through the Lenses of Idealism and Realism [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & H. Edstrom
name: Judit Vall Castello
thesis: Business Cycle and Policy Effects on Labour Market Transitions of Older and Disabled Workers in Spain [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & S. Jimenez-Martin
name: Denisa Maria Sologon
thesis: Earnings Dynamics in Europe [download]
year: 2010
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg
name: Britta Augsburg
thesis: Microfinance - Greater Good or Lesser Evil? [download]
year: 2009
promotor(s): Chris. De Neubourg & Orazio Attanasio
name: Mirtha R. Muñiz Castillo
thesis: Human Development and Autonomy in Project Aid - Experiences from four bilateral projects in Nicaragua and El Salvador [download]
year: 2009
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg, Des Gasper and Janet M. Billson
name: Christiane Arndt
thesis: Governance Indicators [download]
year: 2009
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg
name: Geranda Notten
thesis: Measuring and Managing Poverty Risks [download]
year: 2008
promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Franziska Gassmann

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