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About us


The mission of the School is to train specialists who combine a high level of academic scholarship with leadership, in order to strengthen democratic governance in domestic and international organizations.

The Maastricht Graduate School of Governance prepares professionals and researchers for policy analysis, risk assessment, policy design, policy monitoring, policy evaluation and methods and techniques of policy research. Given the growing complexity of the issues at hand, there is a growing need for specialists in policy analysis and hence also a growing need for education programs which provide scholars with a comprehensive combination of theoretical background, technical skills and specific area knowledge to put theory into reality.

The Maastricht Graduate School of Governance was founded in September 2004 at Maastricht University. The fact the School was set up at Maastricht University is not surprising. In many ways the School is the expression of Maastricht University’s identity: “Where research and teaching are complementary. Where innovation is our focus. Where talent can flourish.”

The institute provides multi-disciplinary top-academic training in the heart of Europe. Doing so, it builds on the academic resources of the different faculties at Maastricht University as well as those of several foreign partners. In January 2011, the School became part of the United Nations University, strengthening further its international training and research network while building on the expertise of UNU-MERIT the Maastricht based research institute of the UNU.

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